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Ares Bedroom Set

Please note that THIS ITEM are custom-built and require design and construction to fit your specific space; kindly contact us via chat for further assistance.

Art Bedroom Set

Please note that THIS ITEM are custom-built and require design and construction to fit your specific space; kindly contact us via chat for further assistance.

Art White Bedroom Set

Please note that THIS ITEM are custom-built and require design and construction to fit your specific space; kindly contact us via chat for further assistance.


Simple and elegant details… Bass New Bedroom, which draws attention with its elegance under its plain design, has specially designed handles that are compatible with its metal legs. With its dynamic lines and a mirror that complements its design, Bass New Bedroom has been designed to offer you the elegance you deserve. It will take you on a journey into the heart of nature by bringing all the nobility of wood to your bedroom.
  • Specially designed metal legs, special metal handles compatible with the design
  • Hinge and rail system with brake mechanism,
  • Dresser mirrors that complete the design,
  • Comfortable and dynamic design with wooden detailed headboard
  • Bed frame options with and without storage room
  • Cabinet options offer a wide range of usage areas.
  • Smoked glass detailed dresser and nightstand

Breda Kids Bedroom

Breda Youth Room brings an urban and sporty atmosphere to the rooms with its colors. While attracting attention with its ease of use and functionality as well as its unique details, Breda creates a space of your own thanks to its original design. Equipped with technological parts such as USB charging, Breda is only available in Caploonba with its design that appeals to all ages and all periods.


Carpinus Bedroom brings a timeless design to your living spaces with its noble stance, powered by its masterfully crafted quilting, unique handles and natural patterns of wood. Offering a brand new option for those who want to get rid of mediocrity, Carpinus will allow you to open your doors to difference.
  • 4 different cabinet options
  • Rose color specially designed metal handles accompanying the special coating color
  • Soft-close hinge and rail system
  • Stylish bronze mirrors
  • Enriched interior design
  • Dresser top surface bronze glass
  • Accessory compartment in the top drawer of the dresser
  • Puller handcrafted headboard
  • Elegantly designed dresser and dresser
  • Pouf compatible with the headboard
  including: 5 Door Wardrobe ( 225 cm ) Bed 160 CM with Headboard and Storage 2 2 Nightstands Chest of Drawers Chest of Drawers Mirror

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


An artistic interpretation of wood... Caruzel Bedroom has a design that will make a difference in your home with its handmade quilted-stitched headboard and the nostalgic atmosphere created by the natural walnut color. The set, which masterfully blends wood and marble, is designed for you to experience perfection in your bedroom. One of the best examples of modern/classic style, Caruzel gains a fascinating elegance with its handle-less drawers and cabinet doors.
  • Unique harmony of walnut color and marble pattern
  • Wooden geometric patterns on the cover
  • Alternative to the bed frame with the base
  • Hinge and rail system with brake mechanism
  • Specially handcrafted headboard

Chloe Bedroom

Astonishing simplicity… With its stylish, romantic, and modern style and special gold metal handles, Chloe Bedroom brings a completely different style to your home. While the headboard with the timeless magic of satin makes Chloe indispensable, all you have to do is enjoy this unique harmony.
  • 3 different cabinet options
  • Enriched cabinet interior design
  • Rail system with brake mechanism
  • 3 different color options on the headboard
  • Wide storage opportunity with 160-inch bed frame option
  • Option to combine different color headboards with a 160-size wooden bed with or without a base

Cosmos Kids Bedroom

Modern lines, the harmonious combination of wood and metal... A set that appeals to those who are after stylish details in their home: Cosmos

Espanse Bedroom

Espanse Bedroom complements the nature-inspired wood color with its bronze-colored square-shaped handles. With its modern and stylish design, Espanse Bedroom allows you to capture the unique elegance in your bedroom.
  • Bronze-colored square-shaped handles accompanying the set
  • Hinge and rail system with brake mechanism
  • Wide and useful areas for clothes with 3 different cabinet options, enriched cabinet interiors
  • Wooden and upholstered bed frame options with or without storage
  • Color options available on the headboard
  • Dresser, high Square shaped mirror compatible with dresser and dresser options
  • Bench and pouf alternative with color options, chest and stylish design
  • Option to combine wooden bed with the desired headboard in the portfolio


With its calm and deep look, Flemens Bedroom brings the magic of wood to your homes. With its useful structure and harmonious color combination, it will become a dazzling series of trends.
  • 3 different cabinet options with their enriched interior design,
  • Bronze mirrored cabinet doors,
  • Full use with the special jewelry section that can be used in the dresser
  • Bed options with and without storage
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