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Jack the Pirate Kids Bedroom

Ergonomic design made with ease of installation and use in mind. It consists of 1st quality chipboard material, 18-25mm thick, in E1 Quality Standards. Modular setup with minifix and dowel joint system for maximum rigidity. High hole precision in cnc machines thanks to the advanced machine park. Packed and shipped in closed cardboard boxes with shrink nylon. It does not contain carcinogenic substances.

Miami Kids Bedroom

Inspired by Miami houses, beach cabins and Miami energy, we designed it for kids. The high-footed bed is also a unique playroom. The desk can be positioned under the bed, thus saving space. With Miami Kids Room, rooms are now playgrounds!

My House Kids Bedroom

With My House Children's Room, the tree house concept that children adore is in the rooms! While the naturalness is reflected in the rooms with its wooden appearance, the children also express themselves and show their style. With its design and storage capacity, My House Kids Room stands out with its functionality and ease of use in the rooms. While your children feel all the naturalness with My House Kids Room, they experience the happiness of owning a tree house.

Pink House Kids Bedroom

With Pink House Room, the tree house concept with its pink color and soft color transitions is at the corner of the dream worlds! The expected naturalness is reflected in the rooms and children enjoy being in the playgrounds freely.

POLLINA Kids Bedroom

The pink breeze of cherry blossoms that welcomes the spring surrounds the whole room with Pollina. With the harmony of pink and birch colors, the elegance that high feet add to the room, and the priority of practical cleaning, all the details of the set add novelty to your life. With its bonbon quilted headboard and pink mosquito net, its bed says hello to fairy-tale childhood dreams, and it puts an end to all the clutter of the real world with its cupboard with plenty of space. From the bedstead to the dresser, from the practical nightstand to the useful pouf, every piece has been designed for you.

Pori Kids Bedroom

Children are above the clouds with the Pori room, which creates an atmosphere of sky in the rooms with its rounded lines.

Turbo Cap Kids Bedroom

With Turbocap, kids pilot the longest races. Turbo Cap, which we designed for speed-loving children who can't fit into their rooms, turns the room into a race track, not just the cot but also the other parts of the team.

Unicorn Kids Bedroom

Rooms are now fairy tales... The Unicorn Room, which creates a fairy tale atmosphere in the rooms with its impressive design, is at Caploonba! With Unicorn, babies are in the lead role of the most beautiful fairy tales.
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