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"Shop ship Smart" specializes in designing furniture according to the customer's request in every aspect, including dimensions, types of upholstery, colors, and even details. We have worked to make the entire process of designing your home easier for our customers. In essence, you receive products designed according to your unique taste. The wide range of companies we work with ensures that we can accommodate every taste, and the products come directly from the factory to your home. We take care of the entire process of paperwork, importing, and transportation, from start to finish.

The revolution that has taken place in online shopping in recent years has expanded to include many categories. People prefer to buy everything online mainly because of the convenience, both in terms of time and the process itself. New technologies enable us to accompany you at every stage until you choose the right product.

Our biggest advantage, in addition to the great convenience, is the large number of stores we display. "Shop ship Smart" has become a virtual mall for designing homes, offices, and yard.


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Our Team

The clothes that you like. New collections of clothes for every taste for you and your family.

Gregory Bell

Catalogue Illustrator

Gladys Hawkins

Apparel Designer

Regina Cooper

Dress Designer

Brandon Pena

Support Chief

From concept to creation, our furniture making process is tailored to meet your unique needs.

Transform your living space into a sanctuary with our contemporary and versatile furniture options

Our skilled craftsmen create custom furniture that brings your vision to life

Hassle-free furniture shipping right to your doorstep, no matter where you are

Discover the art of living with our exquisite and luxurious furniture pieces that reflect your taste and style

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