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Baby room

ADEN Baby Bedroom

Aden Baby Room is so simple that it can be used in combination with many colors! With this most beautiful state of simplicity, babies grow up in a peaceful environment, while parents are sure that everything they need for their baby is in the room thanks to the large storage capacity and many drawers of the room set.

BIRD HOUSE Baby room

Combining the color and vivid image of its designs with comfortable and easy use, Caploonba takes care to further develop its diversity in Baby Rooms.

KAKULE Baby Bedroom

Everything starts with loving nature! In the Cardamom Baby Room, where nature is stylized, various figures of nature are included in the details as part of the design. You can customize your room according to your usage needs with different module options. Cardamom Baby Room has been carefully designed with its large storage capacity, ease of use and functionality.

LIMA Baby Bedroom

Standing out with its white and pink color, Lima Baby Room creates a sweet atmosphere in the rooms. With the Lima Baby Room, where modern lines show themselves in the design, babies can enjoy their room when they grow up.

NIL Baby Bedroom

With its elegant and stylish design, Nil Baby Room provides an environment where you can harmonize with any room type and any color you want. Nil Baby Room, which offers alternative options and is suitable for the use you want with its growing bed feature, can also be combined with single cribs thanks to the elegant lines in its details, allowing you to design your room as you wish.

OSLO Baby Bedroom

With its handles and simple design, the Oslo Baby Room is a great help for organizing the arrangement of things with its large storage capacity. You can customize your room according to your usage needs with different module options.

PORI Baby Bedroom

Babies are above the clouds with Pori Baby Room, which creates an atmosphere of sky in the rooms with its rounded lines. The room set, which provides many years of use with its different cradle and bed modules, has a large storage capacity and ease of use.

TIFFANY Baby Bedroom

Tiffany Baby Room reveals the harmony of wooden texture, retro lines and white color! Bringing a modern and warm look to the rooms with its natural-looking wooden edges as well as its handles, which are handmade with the aging technique, the Tiffany Baby Room can be enjoyed for many years. You will feel the comfort with its functionality and ease of use.

UNICORN Baby Bedroom

Ergonomic design made with ease of installation and use in mind. It consists of 18mm thick, 1st quality chipboard material in E1 Quality Standards. Modular setup with minifix and dowel joint system for maximum rigidity. High hole precision in cnc machines thanks to the advanced machine park. Packed and shipped in closed cardboard boxes with shrink nylon. Color Metallic Ecru.
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