Karaca Animal Fox Cup/Mug


  • Volume: 483 ml
  • Dimensions: 14 cm
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Color: White

Stoneware Definition:

Stoneware derives its shape and color from white kaolin clay, its glassy appearance from quartz stone, and its durable and hard structure from feldspar minerals. It exhibits superior resistance as it is fired at temperatures exceeding 1200°C, making it scratch-resistant and unaffected by acids.

It is non-porous and crack-resistant due to its low porosity, preventing water absorption and the harboring of bacteria, tastes, or odors. It does not contain heavy metals like lead, making it a healthy choice.

Stoneware is easy to clean, maintaining its hygienic properties due to its water-resistant nature. Its durability allows it to be used in microwaves and freezers, keeping meals warm for extended periods. Handwashing is recommended for longevity.

Tips for Prolonged Use:

  • Avoid direct exposure to open flames.
  • When stacking products, place soft separators like paper or cloth between them to protect the surfaces.

Karaca Animal Fox Cup/Mug

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