outdoor sitting set Labloom – Biblos


  • Material: aluminum, Wood.
  • Set Includes: 3 Seater Sofa + Armchair + Coffee Table. (3+1+1+coffe table)
  • Dimensions:
    • 3 Seater Sofa: W: 192 cm, L: 80 cm, H: 84 cm.
    • Armchair: W: 87 cm, L: 80 cm, H: 84 cm.
    • Coffee Table: W: 100 cm, L: 65 cm, H: 52 cm.
  • Suitable for: Outdoor use.
  • Features:
    • ✓ Solid and comfortable design: The Biblos Seating Group combines solid construction with exceptional comfort. The sturdy frames provide stability and durability, ensuring that you can enjoy the seating group for many years. The wide and plush cushions offer a comfortable seating experience, allowing you to relax and unwind after a long day.
    • ✓ Modern aesthetics: With its modern design line, the Biblos Seating Group adds a touch of sophistication to your living spaces. The clean lines and sleek profile create a contemporary look that complements various decor styles.
    • ✓ Premium materials: Only first-class materials are used in the production of the Biblos Seating Group, ensuring its quality and longevity. The materials are carefully selected to withstand outdoor conditions and maintain their beauty over time.
    • ✓ Fade-resistant cushions: The cushions of the Biblos Seating Group are designed to be resistant to fading. This means that even with prolonged exposure to sunlight, the cushions will retain their vibrant colors, ensuring that your seating group continues to look fresh and inviting.
    • ✓ Year-round enjoyment: The Biblos Seating Group is designed for year-round enjoyment. Whether it’s summer or winter, this seating group provides a comfortable and enjoyable space for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Assembly: assembly is not required.

outdoor sitting set Labloom – Biblos

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Harmony of grace

Incorporating a solid, comfortable, and modern design line, the Biblos Seating Group has been produced with first-class materials and professional craftmanship in a quality that you can use for many years. With its light and wide cushions that are resistant to fading, where you will relieve the tiredness of the day, Biblos will be the most enjoyable corner of your home in summer and winter.


3 Seater Sofa / 192x80cm 84H
Armchair / 87x80cm 84H
Coffee Table / 100x65cm 52H

Set Specification :

3+ 1+ 1 + coffe table


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