Labloom – outdoor sitting set Pera


  • Material: aluminum, Iroko wood.
  • Set Includes: 3 Seater Sofa + Armchair + Table.
  • Dimensions:
    • 3 Seater Sofa: W: 192 cm, L: 81 cm, H: 80 cm.
    • Armchair : W: 77 cm, L: 81 cm, H: 80 cm.
    • Table: W: 150 cm, L: 75 cm, H: 67 cm.
  • Suitable for: Outdoor use.
  • Features:
    • ✓ Flawless materials: The Pera Sitting Set is crafted using flawless materials, emphasizing their quality and durability. The combination of Iroko wood and stainless steel ensures long-lasting performance and resistance to outdoor elements.
    • ✓ Natural texture: The Iroko wood used in the set showcases a natural texture that adds warmth and organic beauty to your garden. Its unique grain patterns and rich color variations create an inviting and harmonious atmosphere.
    • ✓ Harmonious with your garden: The Pera Sitting Set is designed to be in perfect harmony with your garden. The choice of durable and stainless materials ensures that the set can withstand the outdoor environment and maintain its pristine appearance.
    • ✓ Different color options: The set offers different color options, allowing you to choose the one that best reflects your personal style and complements your existing outdoor decor. This customization adds a touch of individuality to your living spaces.
    • ✓ Superior craftsmanship: The Pera Sitting Set showcases superior craftsmanship, combining attention to detail with innovative design. This dedication to quality ensures that the set is not only visually appealing but also built to last.
    • ✓ Long-lasting performance: With its durable materials and impeccable construction, the Pera Sitting Set is built to provide long-lasting performance. It can withstand the test of time, maintaining its functionality and aesthetic appeal even with regular use.
    • ✓ Natural colors: The Pera Sitting Set embraces natural colors, further enhancing its connection to nature. The earthy tones and organic hues create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor living spaces.
    • ✓ Design approach: The design approach of the Pera Sitting Set focuses on combining long-lasting and flawless materials with natural colors. This approach results in a harmonious blend of durability, visual appeal, and a connection to the natural world.
  • Assembly: assembly is not required.

Labloom – outdoor sitting set Pera

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Flawless materials.

Reminiscent of nature with its texture, Iroko wood will be in harmony with your garden with the durable and stainless material of the Pera sitting set and different color options that will reflect your style. Bringing superior craftsmanship and innovation together, Pera Sitting set will gather a design approach that combines longlasting and flawless materials with natural colors to your living spaces


3 Seater Sofa / 192x81cm 80H
Armchair / 77x81cm 80H
Table / 150x75cm 67H

Set Specification :

3+1+1 + coffe table


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