PVC pergola

Please note that THIS ITEM are custom-built and require design and construction to fit your specific space; kindly contact us via chat for further assistance.

PVC pergola

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An electric fabric pergola is a roofing solution for porches, house entrances, and businesses, the pergola is anti-rain reflecting UV radiation stable to winds. An electric fabric pergola does not need a building permit, does not need lighting, and does not need a gutter because just about everything comes with the pergola.

What is special about an electric fabric pergola?

The pergola is super high quality and special, the solution for the Israeli weather provides waterproofing and pleasant shading with smart and advanced technology, Fabric sheets with P.V.C coating, in terms of colors, the pergola can be ordered in a variety of colors that gives a clean, modern look to the eye. There is opening and closing control and an internal drainage system. Especially suitable for winter closing a balcony or garden. The pergola can also be closed on the side with a system of electric windows, which creates an area of ​​a uniquely calm atmosphere.

  • Advanced technology with option for Shabbat clock and wind and solar sensors.
  • Timely delivery.
  • Professional staff.
  • Modern design.

What is the price for an electric pergola made of fabric:

Prices vary depending on the size of the pergola, a pergola from one part costs less than a pergola from two parts when we talk about parts, that is, one operating system with one engine One part is a cover for the whole area. Electric pergola 6X6, 6X5 7X5 comes out price less than 5X3 or 5X4 or 5X2. Prices can be made if you close a deal on a pergola and side closure like a folding glass curtain system or zip screen curtains or an electric glass curtain system.


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