Aluminum Electric shutters pergola

Please note that THIS ITEM are custom-built and require design and construction to fit your specific space; kindly contact us via chat for further assistance.

Aluminum Electric shutters pergola

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Aluminum pergola Electric shutters model “ROLLING ROOF” Modern shutters are collected and adjustable. A product that gives a unique look to the garden, balcony, and home in general. Wide quality profile, the pictures speak of a high level of design and quality of materials recommended by most architects The pergola can hold for years because of the quality aluminum and the practical mechanism. The system allows the dynamic aluminum shutters to move at the push of a button to the open position, half-open or wide-open. Opening from 1% to up to 4% in rainy weather gives ventilation without water penetration.

What is special about aluminum pergola shutters?

Aluminum pergola Electric shutters can reduce energy consumption in summer and winter due to the opening and closing of light entry, with the option to add Styrofoam or foam insulation. Which makes the roof insulating. A very beautiful product and adds living space to the house. There are two options to choose from an adjustable pergola for ventilation and a more sophisticated model that can be adjusted and folded.

Balcony closure with aluminum pergola:

An uncovered balcony can be closed with an electric pergola, the pergola is collected in the summer and closes in the winter against rain made of top quality. You can also use a pergola as an addition to the living room with a side closure in curtain curtains. Designing a pergola About us We know how to design a pergola that covers the entire area in the shade for as long as possible.

  • Adjustable and assembled model.
  • Opening up to 105 degrees.
  • 3 motors, per motor operation.
  • 5 years warranty on motor, 10 years aluminum.
  • High-quality aluminum, oven paint.
  • Remote control of remote control or application.
  • Option for a smart system for opening and closing according to a pre-set temperature through the sensors that are added to the pergola.
  • Match in color design on request, option for a wood image, hanging, or columns.
  • Aluminum pergola shutters do not break down and disappear because the aluminum does not rust.



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